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stories or the truth?

Was watching this hindi movie yesterday.was very sad lah please.i mean if you were the character,would you gather all your courage to shoot your husband whom you thought you lost 7years ago(when you just found out how he looks like),because his a terrorist?would you?.i was crying my heart out and my brother made a very sarcastic comment,"Alah..you nangis buat per?bukannyer suami you yang mati".("alah...what are you crying for?it wasn't your husband who died.").idiot.

so yea.30 more days before ite registration.I'm pretty nervous at the thought of going to ite. =X. Nothing interesting happened for the past few days,so there isn't much to say.ohya,just a random thought that i've been thinking about and i hoped someone can clear this feeling i'm having.Someone once told me that,if you like somebody,you should let your feelings be known.and you can feel if the person has the same feelings for you too.Don't wait till he/she goes away forever then you'll start to regret.hmmm...?

well?im not sure if that's suppose to be an opinion or a statement of fact.

yesterday's dream was heartwrenching.please say it isn't true.

945 days

I'm currently taking advantage of the computer since my brother is not home yeeeeeeeeeeeeeett.so yea.Mum called her friend asking whether there's any part time job in ikea and her friend offered to ask around.YAY!.The thing is i rather go out and work my guts out rather than having to sit at home and all i ever do is chores and even more chores. :( My handphone is currently on strike? sebab it refuses to cooperate with me whenever i tried to make a call.So that's the cue for my father to get me a new handphone.prettaye please?

I think kan most of my gadget-y stuffs go on strike whenever i tried to use them?my computer becomes laggy whenever i use it,for example like now.my mp3 player has no battery and the screen doesn't light up.my room radio has this muffled sound that sounds like as if some alien is trying to make contact with me and my house tv always finds fault with me.Bleah!.D; school is strating in about two months or so..but i'm not prepared for it..so yeaa.I'm playing mafia wars eventough i suck at stratigic games..playing pet society even though i find it quite boring.

ohya, i just saw someone's photo..and it kinda grabbed my attention.i the person's current hairstyle looks okaay on him. (:

Sooo..i'm going back to mafia wars now.tata! (:

sometimes i kinda wish you were here with me.


revival of the 'superwoman'. ;)

First entry.Since NABILAH AYUNNI BTE AMAN  pester me to start posting entries in lj.Sooooo,where do i start?

Let me start with my grandmother/nenek moyang/datuk sedare punye cucu nye moyang punyer moyang story. (: so in case you people don't know,i didn't do well for my O levels.It really was a slap in the face.i know it was my fault for being complacent.okay,shut up.And as if things ween't that bad, i'm posted to business studies(event management).BOO to MOE.So yes,to anyone of you who's going to ite bishan,please be my new bestfriend and accompany me in that school.pretty please?
Oh and my dad haven't say anything about MDIS.IDIOT!Must i go on my knees and beg him or what?..OH BTW,ANYBODY CAN COME OVER TO MY HOUSE AND COOK FOR ME??I'M HUNGRY AND THERES NO FOOD,besides i don't know how and i don't like to cook.period.

ok,i think i want to sneak around in the kitchen to find some food before i turn to some gila girl who acts as if she haven't eat for days.Till then.BYE. :))



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